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My personal work often deals with social issues and current events, in particular race and family. The goal is the strike a balance between struggle and grace; beauty and despair. 

"Bring Back Our Girls"

Self Portrait: 2015 ("8 Shots" - Response to Walter Scott)

Vericolor 4x5 film self portrait fine art speed graphic montomgery albama

"Caged Bird Sings"

"Modern Family" 2014

"Don't Believe The Hype: The Future is Bright"

"Southern trees bear a strange fruit"

The series was set to illustrate what it must've been like as a mother to a Black son in the Jim Crow era. Knowing that he could easily and unjustly be killed solely on the color of his skin.

Who knew it would be historical and prophetic.


- A series about how we take on different characteristics depending on our surroundings

Miles Roles

- A series imagining if Miles Davis were a woman and gender representation in the 1950's-60's

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