Imperious Images is the creative expression brand of J.L.Graham.

My personal work is mostly in the genre of staged portraiture. My work seeks to present
the viewer with a balance of compelling visual aesthetic and social inquiry. I seek to
appeal to a culturally astute audience that would immediately recognize the use of certain motifs and icons from Africana and Americana culture as a visual language. At the same time it’s important for my work to spark enough interest to catch the short attention spans of a younger, less informed layperson who might easily scroll past if some level of basic visual appeal were not present.

Most often I utilize found and/or vintage objects to bring a sense of timelessness and
obscurity to the images. One of the most compelling aspects of photography as a medium is its ability to inform and distort the perception of time and place. I find myself drawn to view and create images that could have been made generations ago with a hope to remind a contemporary audience of the connections we have with our past.

I'm based in Sarasota, FL 

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